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Fear reaches new heights.
For best friends Becky and Hunter, life is all about conquering fears and pushing limits. But after they climb 2,000 feet to the top of a remote, abandoned radio tower, they find themselves stranded with no way down. Now Becky and Hunter’s expert climbing skills will be put to the ultimate test as they desperately fight to survive the elements, a lack of supplies, and vertigo-inducing heights

Adult Status :
Movie ID : 985939
Movie Language : en
Original Title: Fall
Popularity : 339.177
Release : 2022-08-11
Movie Title : Fall
Rate : 7.3
Vote Count : 2872
Genre IDs : 53
Genres : Thriller
Tagline : Fear reaches new heights.
Revenue : 16120263
Runtime : 107
Status : Released

Movie Collection

Collection ID : 1102372
Collection Name : Fall Collection

Movie Production Studio

Company Name : Tea Shop Productions
Budget : 3000000
HomePage :
IMDB ID : tt15325794
Country Code : GB
Country Name :
Spoken Language : English
Company ID : 155758
Company Logo : [COMPANYLOGO]
Company Country :


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