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Natural Born Liar

Jerome, 35, is a yacht salesman in Nice. But if you listen to him, in his spare time Jerome is also an astronaut, a karate world champion and a close friend of Miss Universe. As a matter of fact Jerome is a compulsive liar: he lies to everyone about everything! No one believes him, but that doesn’t prevent him from accumulating more lies. But one day Jerome wakes up to find out that all his lies have come true... and it’s just the beginning of the troubles ...!

Adult Status :
Movie ID : 829165
Movie Language : fr
Original Title: Menteur
Popularity : 328.573
Release : 2022-07-13
Movie Title : Natural Born Liar
Rate : 4.9
Vote Count : 151
Genre IDs : 35
Genres : Comedy
Tagline :
Revenue : 0
Runtime : 93
Status : Released

Movie Collection

Collection ID :
Collection Name :

Movie Production Studio

Company Name : Pathé
Budget : 0
HomePage :
IMDB ID : tt12754776
Country Code : FR
Country Name :
Spoken Language : Français
Company ID : 7981
Company Logo : [COMPANYLOGO]
Company Country : FR


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