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The Offering

No soul is safe.
In the wake of a young Jewish girl’s disappearance, the son of a Hasidic funeral director returns home with his pregnant wife in hopes of reconciling with his father. Little do they know that directly beneath them in the family morgue, an ancient evil with sinister plans for the unborn child lurks inside a mysterious corpse.

Adult Status :
Movie ID : 955991
Movie Language : en
Original Title: The Offering
Popularity : 182.185
Release : 2022-09-23
Movie Title : The Offering
Rate : 5.7
Vote Count : 131
Genre IDs : 18,27
Genres : Drama, Horror
Tagline : No soul is safe.
Revenue : 0
Runtime : 93
Status : Released

Movie Collection

Collection ID :
Collection Name :

Movie Production Studio

Company Name : Millennium Films
Budget : 0
HomePage :
IMDB ID : tt13103732
Country Code : BG
Country Name :
Spoken Language : English
Company ID : 1020
Company Logo : [COMPANYLOGO]
Company Country : US


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