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The Youngest Sister-in-law

One day, her family gathers for an offering and they worry that she's the only one without a boyfriend. Her brother-in-law, Ho-seok, sets her up on a blind date with his colleague, Min-soo, who has always been nice to him. The more she talks to Min-soo, the more Seo-ri realizes she is interested in her brother-in-law, Ho-seok. She then tries to meet up with him frequently.

Adult Status :
Movie ID : 654374
Movie Language : ko
Original Title: 막내 처제
Popularity : 2077.38
Release : 2019-12-08
Movie Title : The Youngest Sister-in-law
Rate : 3.5
Vote Count : 2
Genre IDs : 10749
Genres : Romance
Tagline :
Revenue : 0
Runtime : 70
Status : Released

Movie Collection

Collection ID : 1018433
Collection Name : The Youngest Sister-in-law Collection

Movie Production Studio

Company Name :
Budget : 0
HomePage :
Country Code : KR
Country Name :
Spoken Language : 한국어/조선말
Company ID :
Company Logo : [COMPANYLOGO]
Company Country :


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